Who we are

Wilkomme i der schöne Schwiiz.

That’s “Welcome to beautiful Switzerland” in Swiss German.
My name is Lukas, I’m the founder of Swiss Helicopter Wedding.

I’ve planned hundreds of wedding related events through Switzerland Wedding Company, now the exclusive partner of Swiss Helicopter Wedding for all things wedding planning. Born and raised in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland, I grew up in the world of weddings and events.
First helping out in my family business wherever I could, then planning weddings myself and being the professional photographer on location for more than a decade. 

I founded Swiss Helicopter Wedding with the intention of offering our clients from around the world a more streamlined process to access beautiful & merely untouched locations throughout the Swiss Alps.
The world is always changing and over the course of the last few years, I’ve noticed an increased demand for privacy and exclusivity.

A helicopter flight offers both of these elements precisely, whilst adding a wonderful element of adventure to any chosen experience.

Do you want to have pictures from your once-in-a-lifetime that are truly unique? Get married or propose in a location which not everyone else has access to?
And fly along the most beautiful mountains of the Swiss Alps – having a birds-eye view of the most picturesque places throughout Switzerland?
I promise, you will feel alive, like never before. This is YOUR once-in-a-lifetime. What experience will you choose? Let us (literally) take your love higher. 

We’ve partnered with the best service providers throughout Switzerland, to make your experience truly safe, wonder-full and unforgettable.

Our team consists of highly experienced people who have worked in professional customer service for most of their lives. We care about you.
We know how to make your experience of choice come to life. We are passionate and love to work with clients from around the world.
We’ve had clients from more than 130+ countries to date.

All our helicopter flights are 100% C02 compensated through Swiss Helicopter, as Switzerland’s prodigy in terms of sustainable aviation.

As we are a small, local team of professionals – you are making a direct impact on the local economy with your investment in us. Thank you.

Fill out the form below to provide some initial information, and let us schedule a free call together.
We want to hear your vision in your own words, then we will share with you how we can manifest that experience together.

Thank you for your trust and warm regards from the heart of the Swiss Alps,

Lukas Zeller & the team at Swiss Helicopter Wedding 


Exclusive partner


Exclusive partner

With us – your experience takes flight.

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